Cline Avenue Highway Spill

Location: East Chicago, IN
Client: Private Trucking Company
Carylon Operating Company: National Industrial Maintenance – Indiana
Services Performed: Hydro Blasting, Wet/Dry Vacuum Cleaning
Project Completion Date: January 2-4th, 2019

Right after the new year, a truck carrying pig-fat-based industrial lubricant spilled on Indiana’s southbound ramp between Cline Avenue and the eastbound Interstate 80/94. Though the material itself was nonhazardous, the ramps were closed for vehicular safety concerns as it had the same consistency of grease. Closing the ramp would cause major traffic delays, so speed was imperative during clean-up.

National Industrial Maintenance – Indiana’s crew of over 20 employees used hydro blasters and pressure washers to loosen the substance from the roadway, followed by vacuum trucks to clean the ramp. Crews worked round the clock to ensure the the ramp was cleaned up and safe for motorists.

Originally thought to take a week to clean up, the work was done in less than 3 days.

Below, listen to the project description on WLS Chicago Radio: