Decontamination & Sanitization Services

With COVID-19 on everyone’s mind, companies are focused on keeping their employees safe and their work environments clean. National Industrial Maintenance – Indiana (NIM-IN) is proud to be able to assist customers with sanitizing and decontaminating their workspaces. Some of these NIM-IN customers are in the transportation services industry including limousine services, airport transport companies and aviation companies. NIM-IN has sent trained technicians to clean offices, airplane hangars, and vehicles, using an aerosol fog. This aerosol fog is a proprietary dry mist which includes hydrogen peroxide and ionic silver that kill germs and provides antimicrobial qualities. Using this applicant, along with other CDC approved specialized cleaning techniques, NIM-IN has helped ensure the cleanliness of our customers locations, even in the most complex areas. NIM-IN is proud to assist in keeping the country running with our sanitation and decontamination services.